Pirates Programing

By Pierre Macon

The WOD Guys are excited to introduce you to Pierre Macon and  Piratesprogram!

A fitness plan that will help you reach your fitness goals, with the guidance of an expert CrossFit athlete.

PiratesProgram was created in a small CrossFit box in Paris, by French CrossFit athlete Pierre Macon. It all started as a challenge: to come up with a structured weekly training template, that could be followed by a group of his friends with varied fitness levels and goals.

That training template evolved throughout the years, into different types of accessible workout programs, with each week designed to make sure each athlete maximises their progress, in each domain of CrossFit.

Each plan is tailored to suit you, depending on your goals, ranging from the group training template, to a 100% personalised Remote Coaching plan.

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About Pierre Macon

I discovered CrossFit in 2013, while living in the Caribbean. Together with a group of friends, we began building our own gym in an empty parking lot, as there were no CrossFit boxes on the island. We started training, and watching as many videos as we could in order to learn as much as possible about the sport.

As soon as we were able to acquire the minimum required equipment and our first Level 1 coach, we became affiliated as a garage gym.

A couple of years later I returned to Europe, and for the past 5 years I have been competing all over the continent - Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Ireland. I am currently the head coach of the Sky Health - The Box, a CrossFit affiliate in the Hague, Netherlands.

Starting Piratesprogram was a way to help my CrossFit peers reach the highest fitness level they can, through strength and conditioning coaching, considering each person’s goals, lifestyle and level of fitness. It’s incredibly fulfilling to be able to help athletes in their journey and celebrate each achievement, whilst keeping it as fun and entertaining as possible along the way!

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