Picsil Condor Grips DFC
Picsil Condor Grips DFC
Picsil Condor Grips DFC

Picsil Condor Grips DFC

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Dubai Fitness Championship Special Edition

The Technical Fabric double layer makes Condor Grips softer and more comfortable, and provides greater adhesion. The fabric is characterized by a fluffiness that gives you an excellent feeling of comfort in the hand. You will quickly feel that you have a better grip and the ability to improve your movements on the bar. 

Its endurance is inspired by the longevity of the Condor bird. The holeless design symbolizes togetherness and freedom, and provides a faster transition between exercises. 

Get ready to fly free! 

*Designed and made in Spain 


Size 1 - Protects the palm of the hand. 

Size 2 - Protects the palm of the hand and fingers. It is made by making a fold or directly without inserting the fingers of the hand. In this case, the correct size will be one size more than Size 1 (Size 2 = Size 1 + 1 size more).


Size guide

Measures Size 1 Size 2
__- 8cm XS S
8cm- 9cm S M
9cm - 10,5cm M L
10,5cm - 11,5cm L XL
11,5cm - __ XL XL

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