Barbell Care & Maintenance

How to clean and maintain your barbell

Here’s a step by step guide of what to do when it’s time to clean your barbell.

Step one

- Find a clear area. Over a drop cloth or old towels is best.

Don’t clean your bar in your rack, you will drip oil below and it will cause a mess that’s very hard to clean up!

Step two

Starting with a nylon brush, scrub off all chalk, skin, blood, and other dry debris.

Cleaning your barbell

- Give the bar a good wipe with a microfibre cloth.

Step three

- Apply a coat of WD-40 oil. Apply this coat with a separate, dedicated microfibre cloth.

- Let the bar sit for 5-10 minutes. Allow the oil time to go to work on any existing rust or corrosion.

- Go back in with your brush (again, nylon is preferred for all but the most highly corroded bars) and scrub off any rust that has developed.

***If needed address the sleeves the same way you did the bar itself.

Step Four

Wipe the bar down again with your cloth. The goal here is to leave the bar as clean as possible.

With a fresh, clean cloth, apply another thin layer of oil. Cover the entire bar as well as the sleeves.

Step Five

Take a cloth and wipe all the oil you can off of the bar. There will be an almost invisible layer left behind that will help protect your bar, but nothing that you should feel. The bar should not end up feeling slick or oily.


Barbell tips:

  1. Avoid metal on metal contact.
    1. Use J hooks that are protected
  2. Don’t use spring collars, instead use LockJaws
  3. Never drop an empty bar
  4. Don’t drop your bar onto safety pins, straps, or arms.
  5. Store your bars horizontally
  6. Never store a bar with weight on it