How to use W.O.D.WELDER hand care kit?

How to use W.O.D.WELDER hand care kit?

Torn hands are injured hands, not badges of honor. Keep them healthy so you can stay in the game.

Calluses are proof of your hard work, but if you don't keep them uniform and hydrated, the thick parts can break down from high repetitions on the rings, the bar, kettlebells.

Where overgrown calluses get a grinding from friction--you get tears and rips, leaving you with bloody, painful useless hands and with your partner or family having to wash your hair for you. Nobody wins in that situation.

The w.o.d.welder 3-Step Handcare System for Athletes is simple:

1. Apply our easy to use, push-up Solid Salve directly to ripped skin, cuts, or abrasions.
2. Sand down your calluses with our Natural Pumice Stone.
3. Apply Hands as Rx Cream daily to keep those mitts hydrated and functional.


Let's break it down..

Step 1 » Heal Your Skin With Our Salve
95% of the time people come to us when their calluses are already mangled. We graciously take these mangled hands into our open and perfectly maintained palms and begin to implement a hand care routine that most describe as magical. You can't start maintaining your calluses when you're already injured so first, heal them up. Apply our salve on ripped calluses, blisters, or any area of damaged skin after you have cleaned the affected area with antibacterial soap. The w.o.d.welder salve begins working immediately and does three key things to heal you up fast.

  • First it gives you a little #protectionfrominfection with its antifungal and antimicrobial properties.  We do this the natural way with peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils.
  • Second it stimulates your cells to regenerate MUCH faster than they normally would with the help of our super secret mix of Shea Butter and Beeswax.
  • Third it applies and attracts moisture to the affected area while still allowing the wound to breath. Most other products trap in moisture which is not good.

Once you have those three things happening for you, take solace in the fact that you're hands are going to be OK. The push-up function of this product makes for a super easy application, and we guarantee your hands will already look and feel better within 24 hours. When you aren't in need of healing damaged skin, use the salve to provide quick hydration to your skin on the go. 

Step 2 » Maintain Your Calluses
When calluses become overgrown they are prone to tearing off and leaving a bloody mess behind. Not only does this hurt, it can also seriously hinder the amount of training you're able to do while you nurse your tear back to health. We've spent YEARS trying to teach athletes that callus tears are injuries, and something that can truly be prevented with the right techniques, so step 2 in our hand care system is to maintain your calluses. 

The key is to keep your calluses the same height as the rest of your hand. As soon as a callus becomes big enough where you can feel it catch on a bar or bunch up in your hand, that means it's time to sand it down a bit. Oh, and by sanding, we don't mean get rid of your callus. All you're looking to do is take off the top layer or so that is becoming a nuisance.

Step 3 » Replenish Lost Moisture to Maintain Skin Health
Your skin loses moisture throughout the day no matter what. Add in all the crazy stuff you do in the gym or the addition of chalk in your workouts and you've got a recipe for dry skin my friends. Our Hands as Rx Cream is the third piece of the puzzle to keep your hands in great shape. This intensive cream is non-greasy (grease is meant for pizza), and sinks in to your skin immediately replenishing lost moisture and fortifying your skin. We recommend using this product twice daily, both morning and night, but if you can only get it done once per day do it at night. For those of you that workout in the morning, apply this cream AFTER your workout for best results. For application to hands, apply a nickel sized amount of cream and rub in.

Don't be afraid to use on any part of the body that needs hydration.