Picsil NO Holes Grips Differences Explained

Picsil NO Holes Grips Differences Explained

The range of Grips without holes from Picsil is very wide. For years we have been developing each of the Grips we have for sale, so that each athlete can find the one that best suits him and his needs. 

We cannot forget that the Grips are a fundamental element of protection in the practice of Cross Training. To find the Grips that suits you best and gives you the most security, you have to take into account different factors, which are mainly the level at which you are as an athlete, i.e. if you are at an advanced level, the level at which you are at an advanced level.that is, whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level; the volume of training you havewhich means how many times a week you train, how long and at what number of repetitions (gymnastically speaking); the type of gripi.e. how you grip the bar when you hang and what is the position of the Grips; and of course, what your body weight isthis is what will have the most impact on the resistance of the Grips.

Throughout this post we will explain what are the characteristics of each of the 5 Grips without holes that we have and what type of athlete is best suited to each of them. 

Golden Eagle Grips 

The Golden Eagle Grips are our first Grips without holes. They are made with Micro Diamonds technology , with a double extrusion of micro dots that make them extremely grippy. They have a velcro strap and a wider buckle compared to other Grips, which guarantees extra support and security. 

Their design and the materials with which they are made are patented. They also have the following certifications ISO9001 and ISO14001

Grip and lightness are its main characteristics. 

While it is true that they are our Grips with the best grip, they are not designed for all situations, neither for people weighing more than 90kg, nor to withstand very, very high volumes of training. Their strong point? Undoubtedly, competition. 

Obviously there are exceptions, if you are an athlete with an intermediate level and a medium volume of training, that is, for example, you go to the box.  

Maximum protection, strength, lightness and durability. Patented design and material. 

Condor Grips 

The Condor Grips are another of the Grips without holes from PicSil. They are made of a special fabric called Technical Fabricwhich guarantees a good grip and maximum comfort when you hang on the bar. 

They are probably our most versatileGrips , suitable for all types of athletes. They are a bit thicker than the rest and also softer. But they combine resistance and grip in a very balanced way, which makes them perfect for high volumes of training. In fact, they are the preferred choice of Roman Khrennikov. 

No matter what your level is, it is a perfect Grips for athletes who are just starting to do Cross Training, as well as for athletes who have a very advanced level. 

They allow you to make any grip you want, but thanks to their resistance level, if you make the so-called 'suicide grip' (which consists of gripping the bar only from above, including the thumb), the Grips will not break. 

RX Grips 

The Grips Rx Grips without holes have exactly the same characteristics as the same model with two and three holes 

They are a very versatile Grips , are made of carbon fiber, which gives them great durability and strength. And some of its strengths is that they are washable and breathable Grips . In addition, as a curious fact, they are the first Grips in the world made with a synthetic fabric. They also have a patented design and material. 

These are perfect for athletes who are more beginners or intermediates, who although they train every day are not going to make excessive use of them and their level of gymnastics is not the highest. The carbon fiber makes them very resistant, which guarantees durability. On the other hand, they are thin Grips , so the contact with the bar is better, especially at the beginning, which is when you are getting familiar with everything. 

Falcon Grips 

The Falcon Grips are a classic. They are exactly the same as the RX, with the only difference that these are reinforced with a 0.08mm layer to make them the most resistant Grips of all. In fact, they are the favorite of most of our athletes for that very reason, for their great resistance. 

They are the best choice if you have a high training volume, i.e. your level as an athlete is also higher or if your body weight is over 90kg, whatever your grip shape.  

Azor Grips 

The Azor Grips are our most classicGrips which have now been reinvented to adapt a little more to the needs of athletes with this design without holes. They have a very resistant, waterproof, breathable and washable fabric. As with the Condor, they are very versatileso they are ideal for any type of athlete, especially as a first Grips. 

Its strong point is protection. It also has a patented design and material. 

As you can see, the range of Grips without holes from Picsil is very complete. They are adapted to the needs of each athlete according to the factors we have reviewed above.