The Open WODs, Redo or not?

The Open WODs, Redo or not?

‼️Redo or not? For the MAJORITY : NO! ... why? ‼️

by Pierre Macon (Piratesprogram)

1️⃣First : Putting an 100% effort for an open workout means that you will need to recover both mentaly and physically from it. Meaning that you will sacrified your saturday training after your first attempt AND your Tuesday training after the monday's attempt.
Basically, you will spend the coming weeks working around a few workout only, putting a double dose of stress on your body and mind.

2️⃣Second : you will not get better overnight, right? The only way to set a better score on the monday is if you had a bad strategy on the friday. For most, redoing a workout to shave 5 seconds or add 1 rep is worthless.
It is ONLY WORTHED if you have a chance to qualify for the next step.

🦸🏻‍♂️We strongly advise you to : set-up a good strategy, give your absolutely best with no regret on the friday, and move on, you will have way more fun in the following days waiting for the next event.

💁🏻‍♂️Learn to appreciate where your fitness journey took you and do not get too distracted by what others do💪.