Rip Repair by Element26

Rip Repair by Element26

Instantly PROTECT or REPAIR any skin tears on your hands, shins, heels, wherever; with the incredible Element 26 Rip Repair.

The easiest way to describe Rip Repair is, medical grade super glue... aka a Liquid Skin Bandage!

Simply apply a thin layer of this skin adhesive directly over calluses or tears, wait about 60 seconds for it to dry, and you have a hard durable barrier to allow you to keep training.

Oh and you know what, there's absolutely NO-STING during the application!

And once it's fully dry... sweat, water, and chalk are no match! You have a fully protected wound, AND, this new barrier will last for 3-5 days!

Rip Repair comes in a 5 gram bottle with 20 applicators.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Question 1: Can I use Rip Repair if I haven’t ripped yet?

YES. YES. YES. In fact we encourage this. For example, if you have an area on your hand or shin that you know you tear or scrape during a given movement or workout, applying Rip Repair to the area prior helps protect it from further damage. 

Question 2: Does Rip Repair sting?

Not at all. There is no sting! That’s because this is not an alcohol-based solution. With that said, it does not have any antiseptic properties. That’s why we instruct the user to thoroughly clean and dry the area prior to application. People have reported a “warm” sensation with initial application and mild discomfort if they push down too hard on the applicator itself.  

Question 3: How long does it take to dry?

Rip Repair takes approximately 60 seconds to dry depending on the amount of solution you apply to a given area. Therefore, if you would like to apply a second layer, it is best to let the first coating fully dry for those 60 seconds. 

Question 4: How long will it last? 

It will remain on the affected for approximately 2-5 days depending on the physical activity you’re participating in and the amount of Rip Repair used. So if you rip your hand doing chest to bar pull-ups one day and then apply some Rip Repair, you'll be perfectly fine if you have deadlifts, for example, the next day. However, you may need to re-apply after the deadlifts for the following session(s).


Question 5: If I tear my skin in competition or a CrossFit workout, can I apply Rip Repair and then go right back to competing?

Absolutely! But the same rules apply. First, clean the area thoroughly, remove any debris, and stop any active bleeding. Then apply the Rip Repair and let it dry for the full 60 seconds.

Question 6: Is it normal for Rip Repair to "crack" and "flake" after some usage?

Yes, this is completely normal. Especially on areas that have increased friction such as the hands. That's why certain areas such as those with more friction can benefit from applying a second layer. The other thing to note is that Rip Repair isn't as pliable as the skin beneath it, hence why it will crack a little bit when bending certain joints. Not to worry, Rip Repair is still doing it's job!

Question 7: Will it stay on if I get water or sweat on it?

Yes it will. Once Rip Repair has dried, it will provide a fully protective “plastic-like” skin barrier. It is impermeable to sweat, water, chalk, you name it! Nothing is getting through Rip Repair.

Question 8: Can I re-use an applicator? 

DO NOT RE-INSERT THE APPLICATOR INTO THE BOTTLE. You must use a brand new applicator every time you need to apply more Rip Repair. That’s because if you re-dip the applicator, moisture will get into the bottle and ruin the product. It will harden. Secondly, we want to keep the environment sanitary within the bottle. Re-dipping will not promote a sanitary environment. Each Rip Repair package comes with 20 applicators. Use a new one every time you need to apply some Rip Repair.  

Question 9: How many uses per bottle?

Rip Repair can last anywhere from 15-25 uses depending on how much of it you’re applying per use. For example if you have a larger skin tear on your hand, you may decide to apply a double layer several times in a given week prior to a specific workout to allow the wound to heal. At that frequency you will have less use than a wound that gets less Rip Repair application. 

Question 10: Can I apply more than one coat?

Yes 100%. The wounds that have a larger surface area may need a second layer to thoroughly protect it and have a longer lasting effect. To note, Rip Repair is not a replacement for stitches or deeper cuts. If you’re questioning it, then it’s recommended to get that checked out by a medical professional. 

Question 11: How do I get it off?

Rip Repair will come off naturally in 2-5 days, and being honest, it is difficult to remove after a recent application. However, if you’d like to remove it earlier for whatever reason, start by cleaning the area with soap and water to sanitize the skin and soften the Rip Repair bond. Wash/scrub for at least 20-30 seconds. If this is a fresher wound, soap will not irritate the area. After that you can try applying a warm, clean towel to the area to further soften the bond between the skin and Rip Repair. After it is softened, attempt to peel back the Rip Repair bond and clean the area again after it is removed.