Choosing the right Rehband knee sleeves.

Choosing the right Rehband knee sleeves.


Knee sleeves are designed to protect your knees when you are injured, but also to prevent injuries and re-injuries. They work by providing warmth and compression to the knees. The compression increases the blood flow and the receptive input from the knee, helping an athlete perform more controlled and stable movements.
The warming effect of the knee sleeves helps with increasing blood flow quicker, and is effective for keeping knees warm throughout an activity.


Rx Knee Support 5mm:

For mixed activity
This 5mm thick knee sleeve benefits the athlete in a varied training where both agility and support is required. The 5mm knee sleeve can be used for most sports, ranging from long distance runners looking for extra support to the knees to gym fitness. A general knee sleeve that can be used for all types of activities.

Rx Knee Support 7mm:

For shorter, heavier activity
This 7mm thick knee sleeve offers powerful stabilization for heavy lifting and extra support during rehabilitation. Historically, the 7mm has been most used by weightlifters needing extra support during a lift, but today it is also common in gym fitters for those doing heavy lifting. The 7mm gives a very distinct receptive input and awareness of the knee, to ensure that shorter activities are performed more precisely and securely.


Knees are meant to handle heavy loads, twisting, lifting and rapid stops, along with multiple other movements.
Through providing your knees with the best support possible you will increase your performance while preventing knee injuries.