Which Bear Komplex grips are right for you?

Bear Komplex grips

What is the difference between no hole,  2 holes and 3 holes grips? 

The choice between the 2 and 3 fingers comes down primarily to where your calluses are or where you rip.

The 2 hole grips are worn on the middle finger and ring finger.  For the 2 hole, the buckle should be on the outside of the wrist.

2 Holes Bear Komplex Grips

The 3 hole grips are worn on the first three fingers normally.  With that being said, you can wear them on the middle, ring, and pinky if that is preferred.  These grips are to be worn so the cut out is by the thumb.  

3 Holes Bear Komplex Grips

The NO Hole offers a full palm coverage. This is grip is was designed for fast transition between movements. 

No Hole Bear Komplex Grips


Black Diamond, Carbon or Suede Leather  ?

Black Diamond (neon yellow strap) - Grippiest grip. Perfect for powder coated or slick bars. Use these in competitions when you don't know what kind of bar to expect. 

Bear Komplex Diamond Grips

Carbon (orange strap grips)- Also perfect for powder coated or slick bars. More flexible than BD. Use these in competitions when you don’t know what kind of bar to expect.

Bear Komplex Carbon Grips

Suede Leather- (black grip with either purple, green, or black strap)- Our thinnest grip, excellent on all bar types and hold chalk really well.

Bear Komplex Suede Leather Grips


Size matter!!

The grips are designed to fit true to size and still give sufficient fold to create the dowel effect. Let's say you are right at 4.5 inches in palm length you will do fine with a medium. However, there are two things to consider. If you prefer a larger fold than average, then size up. If you have very thick hands, sizing up would be recommended.




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