by Pirates Program

This week is finaly a proper deload week after the open and quarterfinals workouts. Restore the battery for what's coming next!

*If you have been competing in the Quarterfinals this past week-end, please take a complete rest for at least 2 days.
You are only allowed to flush yourself on the bike for 20' per day 😉.


Every 4 minutes for 6 rounds (24') :
60 Double-unders
24/18 Cal Ski-Erg
24 Air Squats
12 Burpees target (15cm over reach)

⚠️Perform negative splits : start easy and speed-up slowly the pace each rounds.

▪️Orientation : Conditioning
▫️Time Domain : Medium
▪️Pace : Sustainable (Deload Week)

* https://piratesprogram.com/workout-description-piratesprogram/ *