Metcon: " FIGHT GONE BAD 2021 "


‼️ Open Prep Cycle ‼️

by Pierre Macon (Piratesprogram)

Metcon: " FIGHT GONE BAD 2021 "🔥

EMOM 18’ (3 rounds) FOR MAX REPS:
1 Min DB front rack Lunges 2x22,5/15kg
1 Min HS Walk
1 Min DB box step ups 2x22,5/15kg
1 Min Chest to Bar
1 Min Burpees Facing box jump over
1 Min Rest

👉🏼 Do not kill yourself in the first round, you will have to pace and make sure you allow yourself enough time to transition from station to station. Having a strategy of reps scheme and trying to stick to it is also something that will benefit your test workouts.