Q20 Timer (Magnetic)
Q20 Timer (Magnetic)
Q20 Timer (Magnetic)
Q20 Timer (Magnetic)
Q20 Timer (Magnetic)
Q20 Timer (Magnetic)

Q20 Timer (Magnetic)

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This mini timer fits into palm of your hand and snugly in any pocket. It comes equipped with 13 programmable modes with 6 buttons on the top of the unit.

The back of the timer is magnetic and makes this timer extra handy when used in the gym and or at home.

Chargeable via a USB cable which is also included.

The following training functions are possible:

- WED - 1min workout, 1min rest, 99 rounds
- HIT - 30s workout, 30s rest, 99 rounds
- TABATA - 20s workout, 10s rest, 8 rounds
- EMOM1--5min workout, 1min rest, 5 rounds
- EMOM2-5min workout, 1min rest, 3 rounds
- FGB1--1min workout, no rest, 17 rounds
- FGB2--1min 30s workout, no rest, 17 rounds
- WRC - 10 groups of customize program
- UP - MM: SS: ss
- DOWN - MM: SS: ss
- Stopwatch - MM: SS: ss


Dimensions - 156mm x 52mm x 24mm

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