TWG Wooden Pegboard
TWG Wooden Pegboard

TWG Wooden Pegboard

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TWG Peg Board is the perfect challenge for athletes looking to improve their upper body strength. This is a popular tool used in training for rock climbing, gymnastics, CrossFit, and other sports.

TWG Peg Board includes 17 staggered holes along the 1.2 meter wood board, with 4-mounting holes. 

UPPER BODY WORKOUT:  By training with a peg board, you will be able to improve your performance climbing, but you will also be able to progress your lifts. By performing a variety of pull-up style movements, you will be able to build your lats, traps, shoulders, chest, and core.

MOUNTING OPTIONS: The peg board can be mounted in horizontal or vertical orientation. We recommend securing firmly to a wall that can support the peg board as well as the weight added from the athlete.

EASY INSTALLATION: The peg board has 4 pre-drilled mounting holes making the installation of our board easy.

4 Bolts are included in the package for easy Instalation. 

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made out of durable and sturdy birch wood with The WOD Guys logo burned into the board.

The pegboard needs to be mounted to the wall. Installation not included. 
Please ensure set up is done by a competent professional. 
This equipment must only be used by competent and responsible persons, or under the direct and visual control of a competent and responsible person. Obtaining instruction in appropriate techniques and methods of use is your own responsibility. You assume all risks and responsibilities for all damage, injury or death which may occur during or following incorrect use of this equipment in any matter whatsoever.

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