TWG Rubber Crumbs

TWG Rubber Crumbs

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Rubber Crumbs are just what you need to enhance your sandbags. The shape and material of the rubber crumbs prevents the crumbs for pouring out from small holes and they are dispersed more evenly throughout the sandbag making them much easier to handle. These are by far a better alternative to sand.

Ideal for cross-training sandbag workouts at home or competitions.

Features and Benefits

  • MATERIAL- Recycled rubber crumbs bag filler; a better alternative to filling your bag with sand.
  • CLEANER & SAFER – Unlike sand, these soft rubber crumbs do not form dust. These crumbs are a much cleaner and safer option.
  • LONG LASTING – This rubber material spreads throughout the bag much more evenly than sand applying less pressure to the bag. They also eliminate the issue of losing weight in the bag when tiny holes form in the bag over time and sand pours out.

Crumb rubber is sourced directly from recycled tires and is highly durable while also enabling precise measurements. 

Please Note:  Crumb Rubber is approximately 40% as dense as traditional dry play sand. This means that 10lbs of crumb rubber will have a significantly larger volume than 10lbs of dry play sand. Take this into account when determining the amount of fill to purchase

Average filling weight:

Sandbag size Actual Rubber Crumb average filling weight 
50 lbs 15 -17 Lbs
100 lbs 31 - 33 lbs
150 lbs 48 - 50 lbs
200 lbs 64 - 65 Lbs

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