TWG Wooden Gymnastic Rings (NO STRAPS)
TWG Wooden Gymnastic Rings
TWG Wooden Gymnastic Rings
TWG Wooden Gymnastic Rings
TWG Wooden Gymnastic Rings

TWG Wooden Gymnastic Rings (NO STRAPS)

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The Wod Guys gymnastic rings are ideal for all kinds of gymnastic exercises and at the same time help to train the muscles of the whole body. The rings are made of high-quality birch wood and ensure the best usability. 

Product details:

  • high-quality wooden gym rings
  • colour: Wood
  • material of the rings: birch wood
  • handle diameter: 3.17 cm (CrossFit)

Ceiling and Wall mounts are available here and here.

Wood rings are designed for indoor or outdoor use when weather permits. Wood rings should never be stored outdoors or used in the rain. 


Resistance training, gymnastics training, and activities at height are potentially dangerous and may lead to severe injury or even death. Use common sense when training- obtain instruction in the proper execution of movements, and understand your limitations. This equipment must only be used by competent and responsible persons, or under the direct and visual control of a competent and responsible person. Obtaining instruction in appropriate techniques and methods of use is your own responsibility. You assume all risks and responsibilities for all damage, injury or death which may occur during or following incorrect use of this equipment in any matter whatsoever.

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