Powder Coated Yoke

Powder Coated Yoke

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The Yoke is a great tool for improving many aspects of your fitness. It has been used for many years in strongman competitions, but it is becoming more commonly used in CrossFit and functional strength training because of its many uses and benefits.

Powder coated steel

- The yoke has four 35 cm loading pins to accommodate bumper plates.

- 60 x 60 x 11 Gauge steel hollow section construction for the main frame with 6 mm bracing plates and 14 mm bolts.

- Cross bar is made of 11 gauge Mild Steel Pipe with 20 mm Stainless Steel pins.

Item comes in 9 pieces including the safety pins.


Width: 120 cm

Hight: 180 cm

Depth: 140 cm 

This equipment must only be used by competent and responsible persons, or under the direct and visual control of a competent and responsible person. Obtaining instruction in appropriate techniques and methods of use is your own responsibility. You assume all risks and responsibilities for all damage, injury or death which may occur during or following incorrect use of this equipment in any matter whatsoever.

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